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California Refinance Mortgages at the Lowest Mortgage Rates / Best Price Guarantee* from a California Mortgage Broker with Hundreds of Refinance Mortgage Loans Options tailored to your Mortgage Refinance needs.

Refinance your home loan (or mortgages) with a tailored home loan from a California mortgage broker specialized in California mortgage refinances.  Our loan officers are licensed by the California Department of Real Estate and are here to assist you with your California mortgage refinance needs.

How can we Help You with your California mortgage refinance needs

California Refinance can assist you with refinancing your home loan(s). Select the home refinancing service the best meets your needs below:

California Refinance can assist you with any type of home refinance mortgages

Refinance mortgages are available to suite all types of refinancing needs. California Refinance has access to thousands of refinance home loan programs. Learn about various home loan programs available for refinancing below or contact us for a free personalized home mortgage refinance analysis:

Refinancing Tools

California Refinance provides homeowners with some important home loan tools to effectively manage your California home loans.

  • Mortgage Calculator - use our mortgage calculator to help you determine if refinancing your home loan(s) will help you lower home loan payments based on interest rates and terms.
  • Mortgage Rates Watch - this free mortgage rates management report is mailed to you quarterly for you to analysis if refinancing your home loans would lower your interest rates or monthly payment or shorten your loan terms.

Refinancing FAQ's

Below are some of the most common refinancing questions. Please feel free to review these FAQ's or email us your home refinance question:

  • Q - Who is California Refinance
    A - California Refinance is provided to you by Jessie J. Beaudoin, a California mortgage broker with over 14 years of full time home loan lending experience on California real estate and licensed California Department of Real Estate.
  • Q - What to expect when refinancing with California Refinance
    A - When you send us a refinancing request you will be working with a professional loan officer who will oversee the entire home loan process of refinancing. We will email you all refinance loan application information, home loan comparisons, estimates, etc. Since we respect your time, we use a mobile notary to go directly to your home to sign your documents for closing your home loan.
  • Q - I have bad credit, can I still refinance my home loan(s)?
    A - Yes, even if you have bad credit, you may still refinance your home loan. California refinance offers many different types of bad credit loans (aka Subprime home loans) for credit scores starting at 475.
  • Q - Will you run a credit report if I apply for a mortgage refinance quote?
    A - We never run a credit report or your credit score unless you provide us authorization. For your added protection none of our online forms request your social security number. 
  • Q - What is the advantage of using a California mortgage broker for a California mortgage refinancing.
    A - California refinance is a California mortgage broker. We tailor the best mortgage rates and program for your refinancing needs shop our hundreds of wholesale real estate lenders to obtain the most competitive interest rates available based on your home loan needs.

We are an actual California mortgage company not a "multiple quote" lead company. We do not sell or share your personal information with various lending companies or loan officers. We are the actual mortgage company and you will deal with a single mortgage broker for your entire mortgage refinance. Any home loan information shared with California Refinance held at the highest privacy level.

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Jumbo 5.875% 6.013%
30 Yr Fixed 5.625% 5.876%
FHA / VA 5.875% 6.213%
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Risk-Free Refinance Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you are not 100% satisfied with the refinancing of your home loan(s), you may cancel at anytime... even up to 3 days after signing your final home loan documents without costs or penalty!

Best Price Mortgage Refinance We will beat any lenders price or pay you $350. (complete details)

No Up-Front Application Fees
We do not charge any up-front mortgage refinance application fee's.

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Limited Time Special Offer
3.95% APR* Home Equity Loans Free home equity loans with every home refinance completed with California Refinance Get complete details of free home equity loan offer.

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california mortgage refinance
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